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Your own modification

Everyday millions of people are struggling to pay their mortgage and are seriously behind on their payments. A loan modification is a solution to this problem. Loan modifications revise the original terms of the mortgage contract to more favorable terms, to help people save their homes and avoid foreclosure; however, doing a loan modification is not easy. If you don't know what you are doing, you can decrease the chances that your lender will agree to a loan modification. CBM Financial Services is a document preparation company assisting homeowners prepare the necessary documents to obtain the best possible outcome with your loan modification.

Document preparation

Loan modifications often will not go through because people do not know how to gather and submit the proper financial information and documents. Loan modification companies often fail to tell you that submitting the right loan modification proposal documents is the most important step in negotiating a successful loan modification.

CBM Financial Services know what lenders are looking for and the way they want the documents presented, so we can remove this obstacle. This document preparation service is offered for those of you who have the desire to negotiate your loan modification yourself but need help preparing the financials and paperwork required by your Lender. We will perform the difficult task of financial and document preparation and you perform the work of maintaining contact with your lender and negotiating the loan modification. This is the ideal option for people on a budget who have the desire to negotiate their own loan modification and avoid third party advocacy groups, which in most cases, will extend the process by months.

Commercial Services

Commercial modifications is a new division we are launching in the near future. More information will be provided soon.