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Document preparation

We are a document preparation service with considerable experience in preparing loan modification proposals. We work with our clients to package their modifications to meet each lenders individual criteria. Our service gives our clients the best possibility of success at finding a "workable solution" that you and your lender can consent. Our system can assure and help you to negotiate a successful loan modification faster and easier than if you were to prepare the package by yourself. Assuming you have the correct combination of eligible factors like an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage), High-Interest Rates, Negative Equity, Poor Credit, Reduced Income, or other miscellaneous permanent and/or temporary hardships, submitting a proper proposal can help get a loan modification approved by your bank or servicer.

Loan modification

Most banks have enhanced and expanded their Loan Modification Programs to include a wide range of hardship situations. There are new loan modification programs that can be used to address temporary hardships like layoffs, job loss, short-term income reductions, and permanent hardships like disability, divorce, severe medical situations, or death of a spouse. These newly expanded and enhanced programs allow your bank to modify or change the term of the loan, interest rate, and in some cases, principal balance, to reduce the monthly payment to an amount you can comfortably afford. Loan Modifications can be done as a short-term cure for a period as little as 3 months, or in some situations, modifications can be permanent.

Foreclosure is a no-win situation for the homeowner and the bank. If you let the bank foreclose on your home, they will 1099 for the remaining balance that the house did not sell for at the auction. A loan modification is the best solution to ensure that everyone will come out a winner.